R.I.P. Netbooks

I’m actually in shock that a category of computers has died so quickly. I knew netbooks weren’t going to last forever, but I didn’t think that they’d be gone after only 5 years. Both Asus and Acer have announced that they will no longer be making these ultra-portable laptops. While there are several contributing factors, the primary factors were Apple’s iPad and MacBook Air (and the ultrabook category that the Air inspired). When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in 2010, he aimed directly at netbooks. Most people who wanted a netbook, wanted one because it was more portable than a full laptop. They primarily tasks that people used netbooks for were to surf the web and check email and the iPad did both tasks better. But being attacked by the MacBook Air (and ultrabooks) was the final nail in the netbook’s coffin. Why buy an inferior category of laptop when you can spend a little more and get a laptop that is just as portable and does everything better. Netbooks didn’t stand a chance. More blood on Apple’s hands.

Project X is 2012’s Most Pirated Movie

Let me just start by saying that I recently watched my 1080p Blu-ray bootleg of Project X and it was great. Sound and picture quality were awesome! So why would someone want to pay for something that they can get for free? And why would an ISP police what people use their service for? And why would the government enforce anti-pirating policies? But lets for a second say that the government enforces those policies and ISPs begin policing their customers. You know what happens? People stop downloading. And then there is less need for the Internet. Or at least high-speed Internet connections. A 3Mbps connection is plenty sufficient to simply browse the web. ISPs sell 50Mbps (and soon 1Gbps) connections because of people who illegally download. If those people can no longer download, then they stop paying for Internet. They’ll probably just mooch off of their neighbors unsecured Wi-Fi network, “NETGEAR91376”. If the big downloaders stop downloading then they cancel their Internet service then ISPs make less money and governments get less money in taxes. Do you understand how this works? Now some would say that people would just buy the movie instead of downloading it and the government would still get their money in another way. Wrong! People that bootleg movies, TV shows, music, etc. are never going to buy the stuff. They’ll just get in their car to borrow whatever it is they need from whomever and make a copy of it themselves if they can’t get it via the Interwebz. The Internet has just made it easier and quicker to stea…copy. This isn’t going to stop anytime soon. So the motion picture and television industries need to get it together and deliver content in a more innovative way. Or stop releasing movies in Russia or any other Eastern European country (they make the quickest and best bootlegs).

So cheers to all the 8.72 million people that bootlegged Project X.

Why Instagram Should Sell Your Pictures!

I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Instagram should absolutely sell your pictures. Why don’t you get up off your lazy butt and develop a photo-sharing service and app. And then after you’ve done all that work, make it free for any idiot to post pictures of their breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner with some stupid filter. Have all these idiots who were complaining even bothered to think about how much it costs Instagram (now, Facebook) to host servers, buy bandwidth, pay staff, etc. just so any idiot with an iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phone (*shudders*) can upload pictures for people they barely know? Of course not. Everyone just wants things to be so great and free. The amount of backlash that online services get just when they change a feature or user-interface element is ridiculous. The service is absolutely free and people think they have some say as to what a company should do to generate revenue from it. In case people forgot, Facebook paid $1 Billion for Instagram. They are well within their right to make back every penny of that $1 Billion off of you idiots. I hope they sell all those selfies people take to companies who make hemorrhoid cream, erectile dysfunction pills, acne cream, and menstrual cramp remedies!

Go ahead, Instagram. Sell those pics!

Apple Made Google Maps Better

I’ve had the chance to use the Google Maps app for iOS for a few days now and I have been blown away by how great the app is. It is hands down the best mapping app available for mobile devices. But you know what else I realized in using the app? Apple was right to kick Google Maps off of its devices in favor of its own mapping solution. Sure, the new Maps for iOS app isn’t that great (I’m not going to slam it like others have), but it accomplished what it needed to do. Apple showed everyone what type of company Google really is. For at least two years, Google refused to bring turn-by-turn navigation to the iPhone because it wanted its Android operating system to have a competitive advantage. And so only but being kicked off of the platform, did Google update its app. And now, iOS has the best version of Google Maps available. And look at how quickly it took Google to push out the app. It’s amazing what a company can do when given the right amount of incentive. Kudos to Apple for pushing Google to release a better app. Now if Google can only fix this Gmail issue with iOS devices!

Just What The World Was Waiting For. BBM7!

<sarcasm> I can finally breathe now that it’s here! </sarcasm>

iOS6 Maps App Can Kill You! Kinda.

So apparently, there’s this town called Mildura that’s in the middle of a National Park in Australia that Maps can’t find directions to. When trying to get directions to it, Maps will give you a ending destination that is some 70km away. People have been stranded without food and water for up to 24 hours because they have been “lost”. There is so much that is wrong with this story. Here’s a tip. Don’t use a fargin iPhone as your GPS for camping trip to a place you’ve never been.

It’s not like Maps didn’t find the Starbucks you were looking for in Amsterdam and instead led you to a “coffee” shop. I mean, geez!

The World Has Gone Mad….

Apple (AAPL) is trading below $700 and Gangnam Style has almost a billion views on YouTube. Something just isn’t right.

And So The World Yawns At The iPad mini

I usually don’t get too excited about Apple product launches and so I won’t this time either. After all, Apple only releases products that sell in the millions and beat previous sales records of the product it’s replacing.

The iPad mini went on sale today with small lines and very little fanfare. So this product must be a flop. Wrong. Only the WiFi model went on sale today. Just wait until the cellular version goes on sale and the the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. Then you will truly see that Apple’s family of iPads dominate the iPad market. As I’ve said many times before, there isn’t a tablet market. There’s an iPad market and everyone else.